• Better Fit
    • Verify that every investment’s risk is the right amount for your portfolio. With Moody’s ratings and convexity and duration calculations, Bond Price Validation allows you to see how vulnerable your investments are to changing market conditions, so your portfolio is safer than ever.
  • Better Time
    • Never buy another investment at the wrong time. Bond Price Validation generates historical pricing graphs and Treasury spreads, so you can ensure that you’re buying investments when market prices are low and it’s best for your taxpayers.
  • Better Price
    • Validate that your every investment you buy is competitively priced. With proprietary IDC market pricing, Bond Price Validation is the only technology that shows you the true market value of your investments before you purchase them, leveling the playing field between you and your brokers.


We can already see that for our portfolio, the tool will pay for itself one hundred fold. The genius behind Bond Price Validation is that it can record the details of every single transaction we make, allowing us to not only document our savings for each transaction, but also to cumulatively compile our savings over a month, quarter, or year.

Prince Williams County, Virginia

Bond Price Validation is a great tool for helping me be a good steward of the taxpayers' money... this tool helps me minimize commissions and other transactional costs, so we can maximize our yield.

Madison County, Illinois

I just purchased two bonds yesterday, validating the purchase prices using your new Bond Price Validation tool. I was able to determine that I would have approximately $1,000 of instant Unrealized Gain when I purchased two bonds using the IDC price from your software. Thanks!

Mesa Water District, Califonia


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Our Mission:

Public Funds Investment Tracking & Reporting strives to help government entities throughout the United States better invest taxpayer dollars. With trillions of taxpayer dollars currently at stake in capital markets, even the slightest improvements in government investing methods improves the lives of our citizens. PFITR aims to be at the forefront of improvements in government fiscal stewardship by providing government fiduciaries the technology, and training to make better investment decisions.


Jim Koetting

Jim Koetting

Founder & CEO

With nearly 20 years of experience in public fund management, as a licensed broker-dealer, Registered Investment Advisor, Certified Public Funds Investment Manager, educator and critically acclaimed author, Jim Koetting has trained over 600 public fiduciaries and worked with thousands of public entities championing best fiscal practices.

Chuck Vallurupalli

Chuck Vallurupalli

Software Engineering Advisor

Chuck Vallurupalli contributes over 20 years of experience in engineering, analytics, product, marketing, executive leadership and entrepreneurship, founding and contributing to the success of several early stage, growth and public companies.

Todd Priest

Todd Priest

System Architect

Over the course of his 20-year career, Todd Priest has both led and supported software engineering teams for financial powerhouses including Edwards Jones, MasterCard, A.G Edwards, and Thomson Reuters.


For a limited time, PFITR is offering government fiduciaries a one-week trial of our Bond Price Validation Technology for free. You’ll be able to make better investment purchases and save significant taxpayer dollars with unmatched market transparency from Bond Price Validation.

“We can already see that for our portfolio (~$1B), the tool will pay for itself one hundred fold.”
-B. Allen Scarbrough, Prince William County Treasury Manager



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