Bond market information from an affordable tool

Bond market information from an affordable tool

If you are currently working in the bond market, then you are familiar with the Bloomberg terminal which is one of the most expensive financial data provider.

It is also a very complex source of information since, most of the times, its users do not require all of the information that the Bloomberg terminal provides, so they are faced with an information overload. Taking away the focus on the very specific and crucial data they do require to access. Also, there might be some special data you will have to pay extra for, like IDC prices. And finally, because it is so complex its users spend a lot of time trying to learn how to use it.

But now, there is a tool which will only provide the information that you require, to make the best-fixed income investment decisions.


Yes, you heard it right. A new solution.

With a mix of the latest technology and up-to-date bond market information, an affordable online solution has been developed by “PFITR” and its subject-matter expert Jim Koetting. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology that is promising to become the source for finding and validating bonds that an investor may have to look at before buying.

The best part is that it is not as complicated as a Bloomberg terminal with its unique keyboard, and is not overloaded with information for which sometimes you need an expert to make you understand. Instead, it is a simple, user-friendly tool that only requires you to enter the CUSIP id of the bond you need to validate, and you will get all the relevant data about the bond which you want to purchase. Empowering the user with current real market data that allows them to identify, measure and qualify risk, yield and the historical pricing that shows the best time to invest on a specific financial instrument.

This way, PFITR will empower bond investors and bond agents to be better stewards of their portfolio, not only through innovative technology like the Bond price validation tool (BPV Tool) that equips its users with unbiased data, but also through ongoing coaching to its customers that will always have access to technical and educational support. Because PFITR understands the different portfolio necessities that may exist, the service won’t end by supplying the technology, but will endure through its customer relationship, to make sure they are using the solutions to the best of their advantage.


So what does the BPV tool does?

It identifies, measures and mitigates risk by verifying an appropriate, limited amount of it that fits portfolio needs. It helps avoid bad timing by verifying that the investment purchases are made when market prices are low and helps get the best bond market prices by checking transparent current market rates, becoming a negotiation tool.

You will be more confident in your investment decisions when being equipped with transparent information. And will be capable of reporting them easily as well.

Why don’t you see for yourself at

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