Fiduciaries are stress-free with the right software solution in their hands!

Treasury Management PFITR
Fiduciaries are stress-free with the right software solution in their hands!

In this fast-paced world, things keep changing rapidly and problems keep stacking over one another waiting on either exploding or having an outsider or technology come and solve them one by one.

Since the last 3 decades, development of technology, rise in income of individuals, fluctuating markets, globalization, FDI’s & FII’s, have all contributed to these rapid changes, risks, issues and problem-solving opportunities! Such as those in the financial world, especially in the largest market in the world, the bond market. The increasing number of changes, risks and other problems that organizations face in their finance departments today, has warranted many to develop a specialized treasury area to offset them. Therefore, the role of treasury managers, CFO’s and Treasurers in an organization of any size, becomes even more challenging.

Among these challenges, we want to point out the liquidity risk management, as one that is increasing in its complexity due to price volatility, lack of budget to adopt the right technology that could help, and the lack of financial information. So, to survive in this complex financial environment, businesses need to keep updated on the latest market trends, finding opportunity areas, mitigating risks and making the best investment decisions supported by the right tools and guidance, when taking risks in investing funds.

Software solutions

Since all of the fiduciaries around the US and in other parts of the world are pre-occupied with other major functions in their financial positions at their organizations, the Fintech businesses have been looking for companies developing solutions for this type of problems. The startup company PFITR being one of them. They developed a cloud-based “Software as a Service” technology that helps all types of fiduciaries make better investment purchases and reporting with transparency. Also on the lineup, a special Treasury Management solution. With strategic partners and advisors, PFITR has managed to develop these financial technology tools that are affordable, promote transparency on both ends (for the buyer and the auditor/constituent) through user-friendly fixed income investment analytics solutions.

To understand this better, we address what the PFITR’s flagship offering, the Bond Price Validation (BPV) tool, allows fiduciaries to answer with these three questions:

  1. Is this investment the best fit for my investment portfolio?
  2. Am I buying this investment at the best time?
  3. Am I buying this investment at the best price?

When having access to unbiased data, their investments transaction history, historical pricing, measurable risk and yield, PFITR’s customers can answer those questions in a timely manner and be transparent about their fixed income investment practices.

Before this, all of the public fiduciaries, investors at banks and others, were too involved in other main functions of their jobs where they manage millions of dollars, and when making decisions based on the information provided to them by outsiders or complex tools they could barely figure out, there was no accuracy on their investment decisions, which ended up in huge detrimental results, any minimal error could have a negative effect, and in an unstable economy they ended up losing millions of dollars.  But finally, learning about this huge problem, PFITR brings software solutions that may finally change all this.

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