Training and Coaching for fiduciaries from the FinTech startup, PFITR.

Training and Coaching for fiduciaries from the FinTech startup, PFITR.

We know that a fiduciary is any person (accountants, attorneys, treasurers, bankers, business advisers, financial advisersmortgage brokersetcetera) who has the legal responsibility for managing somebody else’s money. This means they have a legal and ethical role over the management and investment of another party’s assets with the main duty of being a prudent investor of the trustee’s estate, putting the client’s best interest first.

We also know that these fiduciaries have many different responsibilities in the roles they play at banks, credit unions, government offices, a corporation’s financial department, family and wealth management offices, hospitals, public districts and anyone who invests, making it very difficult to keep up with a portfolio’s status and each client’s specific portfolio needs without relying on technology that lets them access current information on the markets, manage their investments, and report their transactions. While maintaining a healthy financial status of their other endeavors.

The lack of reliable technology solutions, trusted brokers or up-to-date knowledge on investment practices, has sometimes ended in losses of fixed income portfolios in its entirety or considerable losses in the millions of dollars. Simply due to miss management of assets when investing into the ‘unknown’ (when risks are ignored and portfolio policies are literally not acknowledged).

By thoroughly examining the reasons for this undesirable results accomplished by the fiduciaries, it has been found that there is a lack of proper investment guidance and training along with the minimal use of the latest investment tools to make better-informed decisions.

As you can imply now, treasurers, investment managers, CFO’s and any other fiduciary is facing a lot of difficulties and risks to perform their responsibility effectively when not being updated not only with the right technologies, but the right knowledge and training on how to best implement it. And that is why PFITR has developed the tools that help those fiduciaries (the treasurers, investment managers at banks and wealth management offices… anyone investing in the bond market) to do a better job when it comes to investing and reporting back to regulators, auditors, their clients and/or constituents. Complementing the use of technology with our customized coaching so our users may continue to be up to date on what is going on in the bond market.

Now, I am pretty sure that you got the entire crux of this article, Yes, you guessed it right. PFITR wants to help each and every fiduciary to be a better investment decision maker with the use of right technology solutions and proper guidance from our subject matter experts. If you are a fiduciary you could get your job done easier, safer, more efficiently with the help of PFITR.

Excited to know more about PFITR?

PFITR is a FinTech startup that is fulfilling the lack of transparency and unbiased information in the bond market. The first solution they developed was its flagship product the “Bond Price Validation tool” (BPV) with licensed proprietary data that allows fiduciaries optimally analyze fit, timing, and price for their investment purchases.

The aim is to use knowledge and technology to make sure that the users improve their fixed income portfolio management and returns.

Here is a little more detail about PFITR’s online tool and services:

  1. 1. Investment tool: PFITR developed an online software solution the BPV Tool that provides transparent real-time bond market information that helps make better investment decisions, after realizing there is no one affordable source that offers this transparent bond market data and analytics. The main aim is to use knowledge and technology to make sure that the users improve their fixed income portfolio returns by basing their fixed income purchases on actual, easy to understand, current market data.
  2. 2. CUSIP source: We know that finding CUSIP information is a difficult task as there is not one dedicated and transparent source that allows you to have access to all this data. PFITR’s “Bond Price Validation tool” is the solution. It allows anybody to have the source of all CUSIP numbers, at the tip of their hands and to make better investment decisions when knowing all the fixed income options available to them.
  3. 3. Coaching: With the growing strategic challenges in the Bond market, PFITR not only provides the right investment tool, but also cares to train and coach you on improving the management of fixed-income portfolio’s, reporting investments and keeping track of results. PFITR believes that with the help of proper coaching along with user-friendly tools, fiduciaries and treasury professionals can make better-informed investment decisions, mitigate risks, and keep their portfolios safer.

This is just the beginning and there are other solutions on its way. To know more about the latest happenings at PFITR, please visit or you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On a closing note, if we look at the present trend, fiduciaries are expanding their role and are collaborating more with other business functions, taking on strategic roles, trying to use automation tools, increasing their knowledge base by taking proper guidance and coaching. PFITR’s online tool and investment guidance are nothing but a complementary advantage for every smart fiduciary to accomplish all that.

If you are still not sure and stuck with anything, then please write an email to us at or call us at 1-800-921-1992.

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