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    PFITR strives to help the Banking institutions to meet with the Regulatory compliance, Easy reporting and transparent data.

Key Problems With Banking Interest


Identifying the right investments while complying with policy and regulators.


Understanding the historical price to forecast the right investment decision at right time.


Access to unbiased data, transparent pricing, which can effect on savings.

How PFITR Helps
Bank's Investment Risks


Banks need a simple and low cost solution that shows true value of market pricing and its history to lessen the risk of fixed income investments. How can we help banks to achieve this? We want to give them the right tools, education and transparent information, so they can overcome acute losses, risk obliviousness and stress over how to comply with regulators. The FDIC would approve of them having an internal control that empowers their investment decisions, to get more yield and less risk, while also keeping track of all their investment decisions.

For a limited time, PFITR is offering Public fiduciaries a one-week trial of our Bond Price Validation Technology for free. You’ll be able to make better investment purchases and save significant taxpayer’s dollars with unmatched market transparency from Bond Price Validation.

The Solution for

We have developed the latest investment technology solutions, that allow Banks and Credit Unions to have an internal control which offers them transparent data, to help identify all the different types of risks that expose their fixed-income security investments, understand price history and recognize the best timing for specific purchases to achieve greater yield for their portfolios. And report it with compliance.

Banks go through extraneous processes to validate the investment transactions they make, in order to comply with regulators, and we want to empower them with the latest tools that gives them access to all of the unbiased bond market data out there while facilitating their reporting.


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