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    PFITR strives to help corporations manage their portfolio by assuring them Savings, less risk and better returns.

Key Problems With Corporate’s interests


Risky fixed income security purchases that do not comply with their policy fundamentals i.e. Safety, Liquidity and return


Industrial, financial and service companies seek for finance, capital investment and operating cash flow, if they don’t buy at the right time then they are risking their investments.


Understanding the price history in order to identify the best investments for corporation’s portfolio, especially in fixed income securities

How PFITR helps
lower the Corporation’s investments risks


Better informed and better educated bond buyers, make better investment decisions. This lowers risks and improves the return of their fixed-income purchases. When the CFO’s have access to data that quantifies risk, shows the price history and allows them to look for every type of fixed income security, they are equipped to identify the most appropriate investments for their portfolio and negotiate a better deal, which levels the playing field in what some might say is a non-transparent market. PFITR wants to offer knowledge and technology that helps the bond buyers make better informed investment decisions.

For a limited time, PFITR is offering Public fiduciaries a one-week trial of our Bond Price Validation Technology for free. You’ll be able to make better investment purchases and save significant taxpayer’s dollars with unmatched market transparency from Bond Price Validation.

Solution For
Corporate bodies

CFO’s take care of their corporation’s financial health, and in order to achieve this they must play many roles to oversee all the money in the institution, the cash flow, the investments, etcetera. PFITR wants to help them manage their fixed income portfolio, so the Corporation’s fiduciaries have access to the tools and better understanding of the necessary information to base their investment decisions on what saves them money, complies with their policies and helps them keep track of their transactions to report back to their stakeholders. By implementing our solution, the Bond Price Validation tool, they will see unbiased data, price history and other analytics that allows them to get better pricing for their investments at the right time.


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