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    PFITR strives to help the government institutions improve the management of the public funds they invest in the bond market.

Key Problems With Government Interest


Identifying and measuring risk due to lack of real time transparent data.


To make right investment decision, especially when market prices are low.


Hidden commissions by bond agents which are above competitive market rates.

How PFITR wants
to help the Government


After witnessing the miss-management of tax-payer’s money in different entities and the unfortunate loss of millions of dollars from those public funds, PFITR created an online tool that aims to disrupt those malpractices, by facilitating the bond market data interpretation and being the source for unbiased, transparent up-to date information.

When public fiduciaries have made investment decisions with biased data and lack the necessary preparation and tools to be better informed, this results in an added risk to the management of their portfolio, alongside with the many other risks their investments are exposed to. We want to give our public fiduciaries the education and solutions to be in control and improve their investment decision-making process. While also keep their auditors happy!

With our safe online BPV tool, Public fiduciaries can make better investment decisions and may distribute a record of all their bond purchases as well as how much they could save on each transaction by leveraging the IDC price in negotiations. Constituents and auditors alike can view and understand exactly why public fiduciaries make the purchases that they do.

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.”
-Thomas Jefferson

For a limited time, PFITR is offering Public fiduciaries a one-week trial of our Bond Price Validation Technology for free. You’ll be able to make better investment purchases and save significant taxpayer’s dollars with unmatched market transparency from Bond Price Validation.

Solution For
Government bodies

The actual problem that Government entities are facing right now is the mismanagement of their public funds portfolio due to the lack of transparent information, easy to understand up-to date data and the right tools to help them implement their fixed income financial knowledge.

The one solution they need is to get continuous education, coaching by subject-matter experts and the in-house tool that will give them control over their investments. By having the source of the information that will help them identify, measure and mitigate risk, they will only be achieving an increase in their return and/or a decrease in the risk.

When fiduciaries have access to the most accurate information, latest technology and the necessary education, they make the best investment decisions with the public funds they’re in charge with, significantly lowering any risk. The Government entities they work for need to prepare their Treasurers with this up-to date knowledge and tools, and PFITR has the solution to any possible portfolio losses.


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