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As a fiduciary, you need the right technology and wisdom to perfect the art of optimal money management. With industry regulations changing along with market changes, old strategies and controls can be too costly to continue. By staying educated on the latest market trends and technologies available, you gain valuable knowledge on the best practices for managing a Fixed Income Portfolio.

Our Fixed Income Portfolio Training can help you attain this by having better data comprehension, and help you implement innovative resources to simplify and automate the Fixed Income Portfolio Management process. Our goal is to help you get 15 to 30 Basis Points more out of your portfolio, over time.

Our training classes are for Financial Directors, Treasurers, Investment Managers, Bankers, and other fiduciaries who appreciate training from Fixed Income Investment experts.

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Do not miss this opportunity to network with some of the top professionals in your industry and earn CPE Credits while enjoying the beauty of the Ritz Carlton – Fort Lauderdale, The US Grant – San Diego or The Westin Riverwalk- San Antonio. Make plans now to get away to one of these destinations to improve your skill set with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Courses are offered by PFITR and taught by James Koetting, Founder/CEO PFITR, bond market guru and author of Public Fund Investing For Dummies

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About The Speaker
Jim Koetting

Jim is one of the top thought leaders in fixed income investing. Recognized as a trend-setter in the world of financial technology (Fintech), he has created ground-breaking software that meets the needs of treasurers and CFO's. Author of the Certified Public Fund Investment Manager Program (CPFIM) as well as the advanced program (ACPFIM). He has trained hundreds of treasurers around the US. He also wrote the Public Fund Investing For Dummies book and is sought after to professionally speak on treasury management, as well as financial technology and entrepreneurial related topics.

“With a plethora of financial certifications to choose from it is sometimes hard to make the right decision on which training to attend. What separates our training from others is focusing on practical application of managing a fixed income portfolio. We look at some of the latest technology and help industry professionals think outside the box when it comes to identifying, measuring, and mitigating risk. Helping them avoid buying the wrong investment at the highest price is what CFO's love about our training. This is the only training that provides online tools in class to look up CUSIP's and pricing history and interest rate risk.

When it comes to certifications, many of them require acquiring knowledge, passing a test and then some “market experience”. But we have found this is not a true test of a good portfolio manager, good steward or a good fiduciary. Education and industry knowledge is imperative to start with, but without the right disciplines it is impossible to become a great fixed income portfolio steward. Think of it like playing a musical instrument. There is education, knowledge, the teacher that will put you on the right path however, it is the practice that makes a great musician. Without an accountability partner making you practice, encouraging you and helping you it is difficult if not impossible to get to the next level. A few simple disciplines practiced daily will lead to great success and that’s what we do. Helping investors get to the next level is our mission.” – Jim Koetting, PFITR CEO.