PFITR empowers bond investors and bond agents to be better stewards of their portfolio’s through education, coaching and innovative user friendly technology like the Bond Price Validation tool that equips its users with transparent unbiased data.


Our Objective & Commitment


Our Commitment

PFITR seeks to provide leadership in the fixed income security investment practices by empowering the fiduciaries with the latest training and tools to uncover and avoid losses in their portfolios, with our in-house solutions. Our commitment is to make you an informed, independent investor that complies with regulators and makes better informed investments.

Our Objectives

  • Market Transparency
  • Better informed decisions
  • The latest education & training
  • Expose potential risks
  • Empowerment
  • Safety, Liquidity & Low risk
  • Compliance & Regulatory tool
  • Savings
  • Negotiation tools
  • Good stewardship
  • Unbiased data
  • Avoid poor timing
  • Higher yield

Things We Guarantee

  • Transparent and up-to date data.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Online solution for Better returns and less risks.
  • Find all the bond options in the market.
  • Continuous coaching on the best bond market practices.
  • Increase your Savings


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Some Valuable Resources

Why You Might Consider Longer-Term Investments​​​​​​​

This one’s easy enough — a longer-term investment usually pays a higher return, so it’s just the kind of investment you want. Picking a long-term investment is doubly attractive when interest rates later decline, because you’ve locked in a portion of your portfolio at that...


One investment that is often overlooked, or possibly invested in a risky manner, is the debt service reserve fund (DSRF) of your revenue bonds. More than half the public entities I’ve worked with have paid more than they should for the municipal bonds...

Developing an Investment Strategy

Having a plan or strategy is critical. Without a plan, you’re just picking investments and chasing today’s yield, and that’s not always the most profitable bet, nor the safest. Ironically, many without a plan will simply purchase CDs, shopping to find the best-paying...

Communicating Your Investment Strategy

Why put your plan in writing? Here are a couple of reasons why it’s important to do so: It helps you put your thoughts together and communicate them effectively. It helps you connect with the inevitable someone who can show you a better way of doing...

Reducing Risk in Your Operational Fund​​​​​​​

In order to take risk out of a portfolio, you need to define the risk. Take a look at the portfolio risk document for some ideas on ways to look at you potential risks. Although you have multiple risks to consider, first look at the interest-rate risk...

The Yield

In the bond market, a yield curve is the indicator that most investors watch more than any other. Few indicators are as reliable as the yield curve, and it’s one of the best forecasting tools available. The yield curve isn’t as good as a crystal...

Investing in
Bond 101

Understand a couple of different bonds and what shapes the yield curve with our Investing in Bonds 101 guide. Bid and ask price. Bonds are quoted on a bid and ask price. The bid price is the highest price buyers will pay for the bonds...

Avoid the Trap of "Chasing the Highest Interest Rates"

The county had a general fund of $60 million, but no cash-flow analysis had ever been done to determine its liquidity needs. Some 90 percent of its fund was invested in short-term investments — the longest maturity was under...


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